Missouri City still needs to acquire one more parcel of land before it can move forward with constructing a new segment of Knight Road, according to city officials.

Missouri City City Council approved the project to extend Knight Road so it connects from the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road to McKeever Road in Missouri City in January 2020.

At that time, council also authorized the city’s acquisition of 17 parcels of land needed for the project. Of the 18 total land segments needed, the city previously owned one.

Assistant City Attorney Joseph Quintal said the city was able to acquire 14 parcels without the use of eminent domain.

During its March 15 meeting, City Council approved the city paying the property owners for two pieces of land needed for the same project.

The two land segments, both owned by William and Cynthia Pace, appraised for $64,702. The Paces countered with $121,356; however, prior to the required hearing, they agreed to settle for $65,000.

“We believe that’s a fair amount and it is in conjunction with the appraised value of the land,” Quintal said.

The city is in the process of filing an eminent domain lawsuit to obtain the one remaining parcel of land. City appraisers must evaluate how much the land is worth before an eminent domain hearing is scheduled.

Once completed, the Knight extension will cost $8 million and give residents in the Sienna area an additional route to Hwy. 6. Construction on the extension of Knight is anticipated to begin in fall 2021 and will likely last until spring 2022.