In an effort to improve the movement of traffic and reduce collisions along FM 1092 in Missouri City, the Texas Department of Transportation plans to add a median to separate the six lanes of traffic and limit left turns.

Shashi Kumar, public works director for Missouri City, said FM 1092, also known as Murphy Road, is one of the major north-south corridors that runs through the city and that the road has seen increased use due to new developments in Riverstone and Sienna.

“Over the years, this roadway has transformed more from a farm-to-market roadway to a major mover of traffic,” Kumar said during a presentation on the proposed median at the Jan. 19 Missouri City City Council meeting.

TxDOT plans to install a center, raised median on 5.8 miles of FM 1092 from Hwy. 59 to Hwy. 6. In addition to Missouri City, portions of this project are located in Stafford and Houston, Kumar said.

Construction for the $4 million project is anticipated to bid in April. Once begun, will take seven months to complete.

Currently, most segments of FM 1092 are six lanes—three northbound and three southbound–with a continuous center turn lane.

A TxDOT video on the project said crash rates for the corridor are between 28%-98% higher than the state average for farm-to-market roads depending on which segment of FM 1092 is considered.

“Installation of a median would limit left-turn opportunities and reduce safety risks with left-turning cars crossing in front of oncoming traffic,” according to the video.

Assistant City Engineer Jeremy Davis said Missouri City has heard concerns from local businesses owners and residents who feel the addition of a median will limit the number of left-turn opportunities and thus restrict accessibility to business driveways along the road. Driveway density along FM 1092 is high, with some portions reaching 72 driveways per mile, according to TxDOT.

“We have to do something. There is not another option,” Kumar said. “With the volume of traffic we are seeing, the 'do nothing' option is not an option.”

City officials are continuing to gather input from local business owners and residents, which they will communicate to TxDOT during a Feb. 1 meeting. Additionally, members of the community can request detailed plans for the improvements by contacting the city at [email protected].