Missouri City staff decided on the locations for four new city reader and monument signs at key entry and exit points in the city.

These locations were presented to City Council on March 2 along with a series of updates to the city’s three-phase, $2.5 million corridor enhancement plan.

Installation of these signs, which is Phase 2 of the beautification plan, is expected to begin in the upcoming months and cost the city $600,000, Public Works Director Shashi Kumar said at the meeting.

The new signs will be located at Independence Boulevard and the city limits; Texas Parkway and the city limits; Independence Boulevard and FM 1092; and Cartwright Road and Dulles Avenue. An upgraded sign will also be installed at FM 1092 and Hwy. 6, where an outdated sign now stands, Kumar said.

The city initially proposed locations for two additional monuments, but those plans were scrapped due to conflicts with the Texas Department of Transportation right of way and the levy easement.

City officials have previously stated they hope the beautification process will spearhead economic development in the city.