3 ongoing transportation projects to watch in 2019 in Sugar Land, Missouri City


Missouri City corridor enhancements
This project includes installation of monument signs at four locations as well as landscape and site work enhancements on Texas Parkway, Cartwright Road and the City Hall entry.
Timeline: summer 2019-2021
Cost: $2.5 million
Funding source: city of Missouri City, TxDOT

Dairy Ashford widening
Sugar Land is adding lanes at Dairy Ashford Road at Hwy. 90A in each direction from Parklane Boulevard to Julie Rivers Drive. Crews will install a median along Dairy Ashford Road at Parklane Boulevard to restrict traffic exiting to a right turn only.
Timeline: September 2018-December 2019
Cost: $5.1 million
Funding source: city of Sugar Land

Knight Road extension
This project extends Knight Road from the Fort Bend Toll Road to McKeever Road in Missouri City. Kelly R. Kaluza and Associates Inc. was selected for design, which is ongoing.
Timeline: spring 2019-fall 2020
Cost: $6 million
Funding source: city of Missouri City, Fort Bend County Mobility Bond Program

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  1. I’m seeing a lot of construction, including a new signal light, on Cartwright @ Columbia Blue. I realize a new subdivision of homes is going in behind the Dollar Tree strip center, but there is another exit/street connecting to Cartwright just before the strip center. Will these two exits be the only way in/out of the subdivision? Or is the subdivision connected to the clearing of land on Texas Parkway before Turtle Creek Drive? The cleared land is in front of Christian Bible Baptist Church. Is all this related to the new subdivision or two different projects? Thanks!

    • Christine Hall

      Hi Marsha,

      I’m not aware of another project going on near the church, but that isn’t to say there is not something. I will look into it!

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