OrangeCrate Fort Bend, a locally owned and operated delivery company, provides an alternative to UberEats and DoorDash, operator Cody Lee said.

Lee said that while OrangeCrate provides similar services to other delivery providers, a local operator is in charge of each region, and the company focuses on delivering food from locally owned businesses.

OrangeCrate Fort Bend has partnered with 100 Fort Bend County restaurants so far, Lee said. The delivery service launched May 29.

“I'm more of the face of it for the customers and for the restaurants,” Lee said. “We also focus on local delivery of local foods, so while I do have some national and regional chains, we focus on the local businesses where we can ... and really keep costs down as much as we can for the customers and keep more money in the pockets of the owners of the restaurants.”

Lee, who also manages a Wells Fargo branch, said he began looking into alternative delivery options during the coronavirus pandemic. He said he feels larger companies are not able to have a personal relationship with area businesses and customers in the same way.

“I figured out that there were other options,” Lee said. “OrangeCrate’s values were the same as what I was trying to go for.”

Lee said he is in the process of building relationships with more business owners in the community. Businesses can find information on OrangeCrate's pricing and partnership options online or by contacting Lee at [email protected].

Additionally, customers can browse the local businesses with which OrangeCrate has already partnered and can place orders via the OrangeCrate website or app, Lee said.

“One order through OrangeCrate supports two small businesses,” Lee said. “It’ll support me as well as the restaurant.”

OrangeCrate, which is based out of California, operates in approximately 40 cities countrywide. OrangeCrate Fort Bend is the first franchise location in Texas.