Tuberculosis patients will soon see improvements to the negative pressure tuberculosis room at the Missouri City Annex Clinic.

The background

Fort Bend County Commissioners approved on Feb. 27 an $12,000 amendment to a contract with BLS Construction for the renovations of the Missouri City Annex Clinic for a total project cost of $113,599. The previous $101,599 agreement for design and build was approved Nov. 21, according to agenda documents.

What’s happening?

The renovations will include repairs to the negative pressure tuberculosis room, which utilizes technology to create a controlled environment that prevents the spread of airborne contaminants, ensuring the safety of both patients and health care workers, said Courtney Rasmussen, public information officer for Fort Bend County Health & Human Services, in an email. The project will also include installing sinks in clinical rooms.

“These renovations will enhance our ability to adhere to best practices in sanitation, ultimately contributing to a safer and healthier environment for everyone who visits our clinic,” Rasmussen said. “Overall, these renovations signify our ongoing commitment to ensuring access to high-quality health care services for all residents of Fort Bend County.”

Stay tuned

Renovations are anticipated to start later in March and are expected to be completed by the end of May, Rasmussen said.