To continue its mission of providing quality health care to the uninsured, San Jose Clinic will open its Fort Bend pharmacy at the Quadrangle Square in Rosenberg this fall.

The new pharmacy is in addition to the Class-A Pharmacy at the nonprofit agency’s Midtown Clinic in Houston. It will dispense a wide range of prescription drugs, medical supplies and over-the-counter medications to underserved communities in Fort Bend County with limited access to care at a low or no cost.

San Jose Clinic aims to ensure equitable health care for all by breaking barriers to social determinants of health. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention names poverty, lack of education, stigma and racism as some social determinants that contribute to health inequity.

Quote of note

“A common barrier for accessing healthcare for uninsured populations is transportation,” said Margo Melchor-Hernandez, president and CEO of San Jose Clinic, in a Sept. 14 statement. “With this new pharmacy location, Fort Bend patients can obtain their medical prescriptions in their own community."