A new seniors-focused health center has opened in Missouri City.

Aurum Wellness, a health center designed especially for senior adults that combines primary and preventive care with state-of-the-art diagnostics, opened at 3021 Texas Parkway, Missouri City, on Nov. 1, according to a Nov. 3 announcement.

The opening comes after a year and a half of construction, bringing 10,600 square feet of in-house comprehensive lab and health coaching to help seniors stay healthier longer, according to the announcement.

Aside from bringing annual wellness exams, management of acute or chronic health conditions, and immunizations and vaccinations, Aurum Wellness is planning to bring its Well Care facility online in early 2023. That facility will open with the Thorne Lab, a collaborative project with health innovation company Thorne HealthTech that will bring a set of high-tech stations designed to examine the body and mind, according to the announcement.

“Our care team will focus on more than treating your ailments,” said Dr. Jung-Hoon Kim, Aurum Wellness associate medical director, in the announcement.

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