Legacy Community Health, a full-service network of over 50 community health centers offering primary and specialty care, is collaborating with a science-driven wellness company to launch a new artificial intelligence-supplemented prevention and wellness lab.

Thorne Lab, named after Thorne HealthTech—the wellness company providing the AI and health intelligence engine that will look to provide customers with enhanced information and effective products to improve their health—will open in Missouri City in the spring, though an exact location was not provided, according to a Dec. 2 announcement.

“We have long known that preventive health services are critical to improving patient health and wellness outcomes, while also supporting efforts to maximize limited resources,” Legacy’s CEO Dr. Robert Hilliard said in the announcement. “We believe this new initiative will serve as an innovative model in improving patients’ overall health and wellness in a much more holistic, efficient and proactive way.”

The AI engine, known as Onegevity, was designed to provide software to power multifaceted assessments—such as 3D body shape measurements, cognition testing, strength and balance, and more—within Legacy Community Health’s Senior Care Clinic. Onegevity will also be used for data analysis and insight generation using its AI and machine learning algorithms, according to the announcement.

“Onegevity's software, AI and data analysis capabilities are uniquely positioned to help Legacy pioneer a new, customer-centric approach to health and wellness," Thorne HealthTech's CEO Paul Jacobson said in the announcement. "We are excited to support Legacy’s commitment to serving its communities and promoting better health.”