The city of Missouri City has hired multidisciplinary services firm Ardurra to assist in evaluating its comprehensive plan after City Council members said they were concerned with how city staff and the planning and zoning commission were choosing what projects to recommend and deny in the rezoning application process, and some residents pushed back on proposed developments.

Missouri City City Council and the city’s planning and zoning commission kicked off the comprehensive plan update process with a joint meeting June 25 to evaluate their priorities regarding updates to the city’s comprehensive plan.

“We have heard all of the concerns both from the council, from our [planning and zoning] commission as well as from the public, and so this is a continuation of this conversation with a goal to provide that collective vision for the growth, build-out and future of the city,” Development Services Director Jennifer Thomas Gomez said.

What’s happening?

To better understand what city staff, community stakeholders and residents want to see in Missouri City, city officials have set a four-month expedited period to receive a report on suggestions of how to improve the city’s land use plan.

Though an exact timeline has not been set, Ardurra officials said the process will include:
  • Month 1: preliminary workshop with City Council, and the planning and zoning commission; stakeholder interviews
  • Month 2: staff update to planning and zoning commission, and City Council
  • Month 3: summary of recommendations presented to City Council, and planning and zoning commission; community meeting
  • Month 4: finalized report
This comes after City Council members urged city officials at a May 21 meeting to revisit the community’s priorities in the city’s comprehensive plan, which was last updated in 2017. The comprehensive plan serves as a guide for property uses, location and zoning.

Digging in

At the June 25 meeting, Ardurra staff had City Council and the planning and zoning commission participate in exercises to see what they believe should be prioritized in the plan update. According to a survey conducted at the meeting, top priorities include:
  • Assigning land use for suburban district to guide rezoning decisions
  • Addressing adjacency of incompatible land uses
  • Adding land uses that might not already be used in the comprehensive plan
The group also ranked community corridors, which need to be prioritized, during the update process. The top three priorities include:
  • Texas Parkway
  • Fort Bend Parkway
  • FM 1092
Notable quote

“This is the first phase of trying to get us the information that has been requested over and over as we look at what land we have available, what are the priorities for this group, how do we make decisions as it relates to the businesses we have in our community, and how do we ensure that we have everything properly zoned and identified,” City Manager Angel Jones said.

Jones said this will allow City Council to be informed from the zoning perspective and how proposed projects fit into the overall plan for the city’s future goals.

What happens next?

A project website will soon launch to allow community members to follow the process, Ardurra representatives said.

Residents will also be asked to provide input regarding their priorities and the process, although an exact format on how that will be done has not yet been finalized.