Missouri City residents have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding potential charter amendments that could appear on the Nov. 5 election ballot.

What residents need to know

City Council will host a public hearing at a July 1 meeting to receive feedback from residents on the proposed charter amendments ahead of a potential election this fall, according to a June 17 presentation by City Attorney E. Joyce Iyamu.

In case you missed it

The 2024 Charter Review Commission presented the 16 charter change recommendations, which primarily affect City Council meetings and procedures, including:
  • Changing the time frame for electing the mayor pro tem from the second meeting in December to any meeting between Nov. 15 and Dec. 1
  • Requiring City Council to hold at least two meetings per month for 10 months per calendar year and at least one meeting in the remaining two months rather than two every month to allow flexibility
  • Increasing the number of council members required to offer an ordinance from one to two members
  • Deleting language requiring an election and six-month waiting period for City Council compensation changes
  • Allowing a former City Council member to be chosen as city manager or acting city manager after one year of leaving office
Other proposed changes include changes to city manager procedures, including the appointment, suspension or removal of department directors; changes to personnel rules; and changes to who can sign city checks, according to the final report.

The five-person Charter Review Commission was established on Jan. 2 and met in four public meetings between January and April to determine their recommendations, which they presented to City Council at a May 7 meeting.

What else?

City Council will also consider the second reading of an ordinance at the July 1 meeting that could limit the time allowed for public speakers who wish to address items not part of the agenda from three to 1 1/2 minutes.

If approved, the ordinance will also allow for City Council members or the city manager to respond to residents with concerns about nonagenda items. Beyond public comment, the ordinance will allow for the approval of future ordinances at special meetings.

The first reading was approved 4-2 at the June 17 meeting.

Looking ahead

City Council must determine which charter amendments, if any, they would like to add to the Nov. 5 ballot and call an election by Aug. 19.

If charter amendments are added to the ballot, Missouri City residents will then determine if they would like to approve charter amendments.