Missouri City’s Patio Program, working to promote more outdoor dining options, continues to accept applications for the addition or rehabilitation of outdoor restaurant patios.

Since its launch in October, the program has received four applications. Two applicants—The Throne, a barbershop and cafe, and Carey’s Frozen Delights—are set to go before City Council in June for final approval before starting construction.

The overview

The initiative offers up to $50,000 in reimbursement, or 75%, for construction of a new patio or rehabilitation of patios built before 2000. Executive Director of Economic Development Herman Rodriguez said in an email the program's four applicants are:
  • Johnny Tamales: $50,000
  • The Throne: $32,546
  • Carey’s Frozen Delights: $16,988
  • Quail Corner Shopping Center: cost is still being determined
City staff thought of the concept during the COVID-19 pandemic when restaurants sought to create outdoor dining options. This initiative encourages restaurants to provide unique dining experiences while leveraging outdoor spaces, Rodriguez said.

What they’re saying

“The Patio Program is important for the Missouri City community because it helps create new outdoor dining atmospheres for our citizens to enjoy, supports local business and promotes economic vitality by increasing the customer seating area for restaurants,” Rodriguez said.

The big picture

Beyond this initiative, the city also has ongoing focus on Cartwright Road and Texas Parkway, two major corridors in Missouri City, Community Impact reported. Incentives in this area include:
  • Restaurant Incentive Program: intended to draw in restaurants that will attract customers by offering a 100% sales rebate on sales tax collected for five years
  • Facade Improvement Incentive Program: offers 75% rebate for exterior improvements, including updated signage and improving parking lots
How to get involved

To be eligible for the Patio Program, Community Impact previously reported restaurants must meet specific criteria, including restaurants:
  • Must be located within the jurisdiction of Missouri City
  • Must use eligible construction materials for their patio improvements: steel, finished wood, wood tile, concrete pavers and salvaged building materials
The city will continue accepting applications as long as federal American Rescue Plan Act funds are available, Rodriguez said.

Restaurants interested in being considered for the program can apply here.

What’s next

The applications for The Throne Barbershop & Cafe and Carey’s Frozen Delights will be presented to council at a June 3 City Council meeting, and businesses can begin construction upon approval.

After receipts are acquired and vetted by an independent auditor and once again approved by City Council, the business will be reimbursed for their expenses, Rodriguez said.