Missouri City officials are investing in additional security cameras throughout the area to help improve safety.

Missouri City City Council voted Feb. 19 to approve the purchase of 25 additional Flock cameras for use in police investigations as well as the renewal of a five-year contract with Flock Group Inc. The $802,300 purchase is set to be funded by the Missouri City Police Department seizure funds, according to the agenda packet.

The inspiration

Flock cameras were first first installed in Missouri City in June 2021, Police Chief Brandon Harris said. The city has 32 active cameras, and the placement of the cameras are recommended by a committee of police officers, who are out in the field and use the cameras daily, Harris said.

“We try to cover where the most cars are with the highest traffic volume,” he said.

Why it matters

Harris said the cameras are vital to police operations and investigations in the area, citing that in one year alone the cameras led to officers conducting 20,000 vehicle searches.

“Our current flock system has been an invaluable tool for investigators in our process,” he said. “We’ve had several high-profile cases that we solved off a camera, including a pinpoint to a homicide.”

Stay tuned

With the approval from City Council, the department will now order and place cameras throughout the Missouri City area to continue to capture data.