Missouri City City Hall will soon see additional improvements at its entry plaza after an approval of the project’s Phase 2 during a Feb. 19 City Council meeting.

Missouri City City Council voted unanimously to approve the selection of Blue Ox Construction as the contractor for Phase 2 of its City Hall Entrance Plaza Project. City Manager Angel Jones cited the project's warranty as one of the deciding factors in selecting Blue Ox Construction for the project, as the company also completed Phase 1 of the project.

The background

Before the beginning of the project, Deputy City Manager Sedrick Cole said the city was unaware of drainage issues causing a delay in the start of the project. Phase 1 of the project was approved by City Council on Sept. 6, 2022, according to the agenda packet.

According to the agenda packet, Phase 1 repairs included:
  • Removal of concrete pavers and tile near the front entrance and the American with Disabilities Act-compliant ramp
  • Replacement of cement stairs to the left of the ADA-compliant ramp
  • Addition of storm sewer piping with connections to existing drainage
  • Installation of a kiosk and decorative stars representing the city’s seal
  • Removal of an old tree
Digging in

The second phase of the project is set to cost $425,152 and acts on recommendations of a 2017 facilities assessment completed by Huitt-Zollars, which deemed the pavers and stairs around City Hall had settled and now posed issues to safety and ADA appliance, according to the agenda.

The Phase 2 proposed improvements include:
  • Removal of concrete pavers near employee entrance
  • Improvements to drainage, including the installation of storm sewer piping
  • Pouring of a new 12,500-square-foot concrete area
  • Installation of entryway walk off carpeting on east side of building
What’s next

With the approval by City Council, construction is expected to begin in March, according to the agenda packet. This will be the last step in the plaza’s improvement process.