City officials responded to resident concerns regarding the annexation of Sienna Municipal Utility District No. 2 at a Sept. 5 meeting.

Two minute impact

Missouri City Council voted 5-2 to approve the annexation of Sienna Municipal Utility District No. 2, a move that expands the city's boundaries and adds around 1,600 homes and 6,000 residents, according to a recent City Council presentation.

However, residents shared concerns regarding the added financial burden as tax revenue from the annexed district won't be received until Oct. 1, 2024.

What residents are saying

Residents expressed concerns at a Sept. 5 meeting about the annexation process and its overall impact on their community and taxes.

Some claimed at the meeting that the annexation was motivated by a desire for additional revenue. Others questioned whether the city will assist with the legal fees of running the municipal utility districts already present in the city.

The bottom line

In response to resident concerns, city officials said the annexation aligns with a strategic partnership agreement established in 2001 and includes discussions on property tax exemptions for specific groups within the newly annexed district and the broader city limits.

During deliberations at the meeting, those present raised concerns about timing, equitable services and public safety. Council Member Jeffrey Boney, one of the two council members who voted against the annexation, voiced concerns about integrating Sienna MUD 2's debt and the potential for ongoing taxation for MUD 2 services.

Police Chief Brandon Harris expressed confidence in accommodating the influx of 6,000 new residents with plans to establish a new police substation near Hwy. 6 and Fort Bend Parkway to enhance police response times in the annexed area, according to the City Council presentation.

City Council also affirmed the city will not receive tax revenue from Sienna MUD until Oct. 1, 2024. Going forward, the city will receive revenue from property taxes immediately starting after Oct. 1, according to the City Council presentation.

Residents can determine which MUD their home is part of on the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District website.