Sugar Land City Council reviewed a presentation from Urbano Architects on the construction, overall progress and additional technical developmental studies of the historic Imperial Char House at a Sept. 5 meeting.

What’s happening

Sugar Land City Council was updated on the construction progress and implementation of the land use plan’s technological studies to review the progress regarding the redevelopment of the Imperial Char House, according to a City Council presentation Sept. 5.

As of the latest update, the project has used $979,000 of the previously established reimbursement agreement, according to City Council documents.

Sugar Land City Council previously approved a $5 million reimbursement agreement that will cater to predevelopment and construction expenses linked to the Imperial Char House.

Predevelopment work has been active since January, with Puma Development, Urbano Architects and Sugar Land officials collectively working on various technical and developmental studies.

These studies include prefabrication and restoration work as well as generalized engineering work on the Char House, research and applications for historic tax credits, and site planning.

The future

Future plans outlined by Puma Development and Urbano Architects include the development of multifamily, medium-density housing units, such as townhomes and urban homes, as well as single-family residential spaces, retail outlets, commercial spaces and other auxiliary uses, according to a news release.

Sugar Land City Council made previous amendments to the land use plan, taking the first step in a two-phase zoning process. The revised plan identifies the southern area of the land as an integral part of the Imperial Regional Activity Center.

Quote of note

“It's really important in the master-planning efforts to highlight and re-embrace the history so we can highlight it and reimagine the area as an imperial plaza where you can see that historical canvas,” said Laura Carrera, architect and partner of Urbano Architecture Company.