Fort Bend County District Clerk Beverly Walker issued a warning alerting citizens about an ongoing jury scam that has been targeting local residents, according to an Aug. 18 news release.

The details

The scam involves identity thieves posing as representatives of the Fort Bend County District Clerk's Office or the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. According to the release, these scammers have been making threatening calls to residents, falsely claiming the recipients have failed to report for jury service. The scammers then demand immediate payment of a fine under the guise of preventing a warrant for arrest.

Residents have reported the callers employ aggressive tactics, coercing them into divulging confidential information, including Social Security numbers and credit card details. Fort Bend County officials emphasized the clerk’s office does not engage in such activities.

Furthermore, the clerk’s office, the sheriff’s office and other law enforcement agencies would never resort to making phone calls to demand fine payments to evade arrest warrants, the release states.

How to help

If residents receive calls of this nature or have fallen victim to the scam, they are strongly encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office immediately at 281-341-4686 to file a report and seek appropriate assistance.

Quote of note

“Under no circumstances will the Fort Bend County District Clerk’s Office request sensitive information like Social Security numbers or credit card details over the phone,” Walker said.