Sugar Land is actively seeking a certification that aims to drastically change its approach to utilizing data for citywide decision-making.

The details

Sugar Land will undertake a series of tasks related to city data management, which will include:
  • A comprehensive evaluation of existing data repositories
  • The implementation of data governance protocols
  • The establishment of a transparent and accessible open data platform
  • A comprehensive overhaul of performance assessments for various city systems
  • The training of municipal staff to properly utilize and understand data analytics
The certification, known as the What Works Cities Certification, is an accolade for local governments that demonstrate prowess in using data to shape policy choices, allocate financial resources, promote service enhancements, assess the efficacy of municipal initiatives and promote citizen engagement, according to the What Works Certification website.

Zooming out

The list of certified cities includes Arlington and Austin as well as Scottsdale in Arizona. However, this certification spans across approximately 60 cities within the United States and Latin America, according to the What Works Certification website.

This initiative also mandates the establishment of a publicly accessible Open Data Portal, a platform that will offer residents insights into the operational data trends that guides the city's approach to troubleshooting challenges, according to the What Works Certification website.