The U.S. Census Bureau released its 2021 American Community Survey data results, which break down various community details, including population growth, income, employment and housing statistics. Here is a breakdown of how the Sugar Land and Missouri City communities looked in 2021 compared to five years prior.

The city of Sugar Land saw a nearly 30% increase in population since 2016—similar to Fort Bend County, which saw an 18% increase in the same period. Meanwhile, Sugar Land’s population remains among the oldest in the county with a median age of 42, almost six years higher than the county’s median age.

Meanwhile, Missouri City saw a nearly 3% increase in population since 2016—significantly lower than in Fort Bend County and Sugar Land. Missouri City’s median age remains lower than that of Sugar Land at 40.7 but above the median age of the county.
Local demographics in Sugar Land, Missouri City and Fort Bend County also varied.