At a Fort Bend ISD board meeting on Oct. 16, the trustees heard over a dozen complaints from parents whose children attend Lula Belle Goodman Elementary School, with many citing concerns related to safety, visitation opportunities and the classroom environment.

What’s happening?

The complaints cited these issues:
  • Bullying problems on school yards, classrooms and bathrooms
  • Students not wanting to attend out of frustration with instruction and treatment
  • Parents not being allowed to have lunch with their children on any day except Friday
Many of the complaints cited student frustration that reached the point of children asking if they could quit school, which the parents said made them concerned.

In their own words

FBISD released a statement this week regarding the complaints.

“FBISD is always eager to receive input from our parents and community members, and we thank the Goodman Elementary School parents who took the time to attend the board meeting Monday evening and voice their concerns. We assure you, there is no higher priority than our students’ safety and well-being and we take all available and feasible steps to ensure it,” the statement read.

The district statement also said Goodman Elementary officials are willing to adjust rules to accommodate parents’ requests to spend more time on campus with their children, as well as address their instructional concerns.

What else?

Goodman Elementary is located at 1100 W. Sycamore Road, Fresno. The school has a minority student enrollment of over 90%, according to data from the Texas Education Agency. Roughly 81% of students are considered economically disadvantaged. The student-to-teacher ratio is 12.8 to 1. Learn more about the campus here.