Fort Bend ISD announced $11.07 million in cuts from its 2023-24 budget during its March 27 board of trustees meeting, including reductions to staffing.

Following voters’ rejection of a tax rate increase in the November 2022 election, the district is taking steps to overcome a budget shortfall by fiscal year 2024-25.

So far, the district has identified $23.49 million in savings from its 2023-24 budget, including $12.42 million from December 2022 through February. The new savings come from staffing guideline efficiencies, $300,000 from discontinuing the Educators Dedicated to Growing Excellence stipend and $150,000 by shifting the purchase of expensive band and orchestra instruments to the 2023 bond.

“We’re in a very good place relating to that goal of reducing $23 million,” FBISD Chief Financial Officer Bryan Guinn said.

The staffing guideline efficiencies involve the district cutting 231.5 full-time equivalents for a total savings of $10.62 million. The district will reduce 108 FTEs of noninstructional support staff including Aides, Clerk IIs and Hall Monitors, as well as 53.5 FTEs by implementing a shared staffing model. Classroom ratios will not change, Guinn said.

“This is a very large number that we have been charged with cutting. You cannot do it without it affecting some things,” District Superintendent Christie Whitbeck said.

Guinn said the district has identified most of the large-ticket items it plans on cutting but anticipates additional cuts to share in April.