An educational exhibit for students and the general public detailing the story of the Sugar Land 95 will soon be available to the public.

Fort Bend ISD has announced that starting Feb. 22, from 10-11:15 a.m., the exhibit, which serves as the first phase of the district’s SL95 Memorialization Project, and is designed to honor and properly memorialize 95 individuals who are believed to be convicts who died at the Bullhead Convict Labor Camp during Texas’ convict labor leasing program, will be included as part of free public tours at the exhibit’s location in the district’s James Reese Career and Technical Center.

In addition to the Sugar Land 95, these tours will explore the district’s 14 pathways of career and technical education coursework available to students at all high schools and the Reese Center, according to a Feb. 11 announcement.

The public tours are limited to 15 people and must be scheduled by appointment only, found here. Additional tours will be held March 10, March 22, April 14, April 26, May 12 and May 24.

The announcement comes as more in-depth tours specific to the Sugar Land 95 are also available on the second Thursday and fourth Tuesday of each month from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Registration for these more in-depth tours is available here.

The exhibits include one case highlighting the history of convict leasing as it existed in Texas, while the other case focuses primarily on the discovery, scientific research and forensics conducted by researchers to provide an accurate account of what actually occurred on the property where the bodies were discovered.