Through the entirety of 2022, the Fort Bend ISD board of trustees will use a new all-in-one video producing, recording, livestreaming and video captioning service for its meetings.

Approved unanimously as part of its consent agenda Dec. 13, the board approved a contract with Swagit Productions, LLC in an amount not to exceed $109,272.

That amount will allow the district to use the company’s Extensible Automated Streaming Engine Hands-Free Streaming package, Avior HD Broadcast System equipment package, Ease High Definition/Standard Definition Premium Captioning Encoder unit and Live Automated Transcribing with Caption Sync services, according to a Dec. 13 agenda report.

In addition, the new contract will allow the district all hardware, software, installation and setup along with annual video services for up to 50 meetings per year with the ability to add more if necessary.

“The solution will enhance the audience and viewer experience by recording and livestreaming meeting videos by using four wall- or ceiling-mounted pan-tilt-zoom robotic cameras that will capture the best camera shot while keeping the meeting space clear of trip hazards; providing real-time captioning for live video to accommodate the hearing impaired; and supporting Livestream and On-Demand video with clearly defined chaptering of agenda items with on-screen graphics and direct video links to each agenda item,” the agenda report reads.

The new contract replaces the current livestreaming services the district uses from the Phoenix Design Group, which does not offer dedicated livestreaming services, but rather services provided on an ad hoc basis, according to the agenda report.