Members of the Fort Bend ISD board of trustees gathered to say farewell to outgoing trustees and swear in newly elected members Nov. 16.

During the scheduled board meeting, Superintendent Charles Dupre also formally announced his intention to resign by December 2021. A press release from the district announced Dupre’s plan earlier in the day.

“For some time, Seeje and I have discussed our future, what it holds and when it begins, and during the past two weeks, God has made very clear to us that the upcoming transition on the board presented the right opportunity to also begin a transition in our life,” Dupre said during the meeting.

Dupre said he intentionally timed his resignation announcement with the addition of three new trustees, who were elected Nov. 3. Dupre will continue to serve as superintendent while the search process for his successor takes place.

Dupre, along with each member of the board, thanked outgoing trustees Jason Burdine, Alison Drew and Kristin Tassin for their time and dedication to serving on the school board. Many members of the board spoke about the camaraderie and collaboration of the “Team of Eight,” which was composed of Dupre and the seven trustees.

Jason Burdine and Kristin Tassin were both elected to the board in 2014. Allison Drew has served as trustee since May 2019.

“From my seat as superintendent, when you work with trustees even for 18 months and certainly as long as six years, ... you build a very special bond and relationship,” Dupre said. “We are a true team and have been a true team for a long time, and so this is going to represent a major change in my life and in the dynamics of the board.”

Following the farewells, Angie Hanan, Shirley Rose-Gilliam and Denetta Williams were sworn in as new members of the board of trustees.

“To our new trustees, ... I say, 'Welcome',” trustee Jim Rice said. “You have been duly elected to serve on the board of education of the eighth-largest school district in the state of Texas, astate which educates fully 10% of all the school children in this country. Ours is an awesome responsibility. ... There are many challenges facing us. I welcome you to the Team of Eight, and I welcome your help and teamwork in helping us face the great task remaining before us.”

The new board of trustees elected Addie Heyliger board president, Dave Rosenthal vice president and Grayle James secretary.

“Thank you to all of the board members for trusting me with this leadership,” Heyliger said.

The Nov. 16 board meeting is available to be viewed here.