Correction: This article has been updated to reflect the accurate location of the restaurant.

Amid the streets of Sugar Land lives a restaurant with a rich history and a menu full of authentic Thai cuisine called The Nines Thai Cuisine.

The Nines Thai Cuisine opened its doors July 5 of last year with a mission to serve premium and authentic Thai food recipes to Texas locals.

A piece of the heart and soul behind The Nines Thai Cuisine is Daowadee Kannoi, the restaurant manager. She said she learned the value of hard work and self sacrifice from her mother, who tirelessly provided for the family.

“My mother worked tirelessly as a public school teacher to ensure that my sister, myself and our disabled grandfather had a roof over our heads,” Kannoi said.

Kannoi, recalling her childhood days, said she would collect leftover food donations from her local temple in Thailand to feed her family. Her journey to the United States was fueled by the desire to offer her family a better life through the mediums of hard work and great Thai food, she said.

“Growing up, I never knew what it was like to have basic necessities. Whether it was clean water, air conditioning, new clothes or fresh home-cooked meals,” Kannoi said.

Accompanying Kannoi on her journey was her best friend, Jakkrit Sampaotong, the chef at The Nines Thai Cuisine.

Despite holding a master's degree in engineering, Sampaotong's passion for cooking proved to be his true calling, he said. The chef was inspired by memories of cooking for his family and sharing meals together, saying he wanted to bring that same experience to The Nines Thai Cuisine.

“I find passion in seeing each and everyone of my customers enjoy the courses I produce. That’s when I know this is my calling. I see myself continuing to grow, learn and improve in this industry for the rest of my life,” Sampaotong said.

The menu at The Nines Thai Cuisine offers an array of Thai delicacies with an emphasis on fresh, high-quality ingredients, according to Kannoi. Some of the dishes include classics from aromatic and flavorful fried rice and noodles to rich and creamy curries and stir-fry dishes.

“As soon as I was old enough, I found myself a job and put myself through school in hopes to help my mother provide my family a better life. I saved every penny that I could and bought a ticket to the United States. ... I fell in love with this country and the fact the opportunities here are limitless,” Kannoi said.

For a full list and description of Thai dishes available at The Nines Thai Cuisine, as well as catering options and VIP room reservation services, visit The Nines Thai Cuisine website,