An upcoming workshop in Sugar Land will serve as a platform for the public to voice their concerns and provide valuable input regarding the advancement of the 2018 land use plan and its impact on the city's development.

What’s happening?

Sugar Land City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a joint workshop July 19 to discuss proposed updates to a new mixed-use zoning code and evaluate feedback from the community.

During the session, council members and commissioners will address any remaining public concerns and work toward a consensus on the next steps in implementing the 2018 Land Use Plan.

The establishment of two new mixed-use standard zoning districts is a crucial aspect outlined in the city's land use plan, according to a news release from the city. This plan aims to develop dynamic activity centers that cater to the needs of both current and future Sugar Land citizens.

The land use plan was the outcome of a five-year citizen-led process, which involved extensive community engagement and demonstrated the city's commitment to incorporating community expectations into the decision making process of development, according to the release.

Current situation

Sugar Land's zoning code consists of 17 zoning districts within the development code.

The city will challenge traditional zoning practices by introducing two new mixed-use districts into Sugar Land’s zoning. These districts aim to promote a blend of residential and commercial spaces, breaking the barriers of segregation prevalent in conventional zoning guidelines.

The city’s goal is to encourage the creation of walkable and compact areas in key locations throughout Sugar Land, according to the release. If approved, this proposal would mark one of the first mixed-use codes in Fort Bend County.

What they’re saying

Sugar Land City Council previously identified redevelopment as its top priority, highlighting its significance in shaping the city’s future, according to the release.

Assistant Director of Planning and Development Lauren Fehr expressed enthusiasm for the journey toward more sustainable and vibrant communities in Sugar Land.

“This workshop meeting represents another significant step in our ongoing commitment to fulfilling the promises outlined by our residents in the 2018 Land Use Plan,” Fehr said in the release.