Missouri City continues to gain interest in its initiatives aimed at attracting new businesses and improving existing structures along Cartwright Road and Texas Parkway.

The Texas Parkway/Cartwright Corridor Development Advisory Committee met June 1 to discuss incentive programs, beautification efforts and options for revitalizing undeveloped land.

Committee members expressed their commitment to maintaining progress and development in all areas throughout the city.

"We want our city to be distinct and beautiful in all parts," said District B Council Member Jeffrey Boney, who also serves as the committee chair.

In addition, the city continues to see growing interest in the Restaurant Incentive Program, which launched in 2022 and provides a tax incentive to recruit more restaurants along Texas Parkway and Cartwright Road. Herman Rodriguez, Missouri City’s director of economic development, said two new applicants for the program are Sunshine Vegan and Thai Halal.

Rodriguez encouraged business owners to submit their applications, even if they were not fully prepared. He emphasized that the city is willing to help applicants throughout the process.

“Our approach now is even if you don't have everything ready for your application, submit something, so we can help you along the process,” Rodriguez said.

The committee also continued to analyze the progress of the Facade Incentive Program, highlighting participants such as McDonald's and Mystros Barber Academy. This program started in 2021 and encourages businesses along Texas Parkway to make their buildings look better on the outside by offering financial reimbursements up to 75% with a cap at $200,000, according to the city website.

Now, Missouri City looks to install 530 new street lights along Texas Parkway. The estimated cost for implementing new lights amounted to about $4.51 million, according to a quote from lighting manufacturing company Spring City. However, there is no definitive start date currently established for these installations, Rodriguez said.

Additionally, finding tenants for undeveloped parcels of land along the Texas Parkway and Cartwright Road corridors continue to be a focus of the committee, Rodriguez said. Four specific properties were highlighted, including a parcel along Crestmont Drive, a property along Highway 90A near Texas Parkway, a 9.29-acre parcel at 1219 Texas Parkway, and 0.65 acres at 302 Texas Parkway.

The committee plans to continue speaking to potential businesses to attract appropriate tenants to these four properties, Rodriguez said.

Development and beautification efforts will continue to be a priority for Missouri City, Boney said.