BREAKING: Imperial Market groundbreaking in Sugar Land has been delayed


Updated 4:10 p.m.

According to new information from the developer, Imperial Market’s groundbreaking date is slated to occur between late April and early May.

Posted 2:21 p.m.

Developers with Imperial Market have pushed back the groundbreaking for the mixed-use redevelopment of the sugar refinery site to May 15.

Geoff Jones, principal developer with Imperial Market, said the delay from the March 1 groundbreaking date is due to the complexity of the project as well as site design features.

The 26-acre site encompasses the iconic silos, smokestacks and Imperial Sugar building that will be transformed into dining, shopping and lodging options, Jones said.

Although no new tenants can be announced at this time, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is still a confirmed tenant. The Sugar Land Heritage Museum and Visitor Center along with the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center are open and operational.

Jones said more tenants will be announced closer to the groundbreaking date.

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  1. Your headline should read: “Imperial Market groundbreaking in Sugar Land has been delayed … again.”

    And the clarification from the developer “Imperial Market’s groundbreaking date is slated to occur between late April and early May” doesn’t state what year. Why? Because they have no clue. Could be 2018 or 2019, but that’s downright laughable. More like 20-never.

    This entire process of renovating the old sugar mill has been talked about for so long, that reality has firmly set in with Sugar Land residents; it’s never going to happen. The city would be wise to tear-up whatever contract they have with the developer (assuming someone down at City Hall was smart enough to get one drawn up), and just sell the decaying mess to the highest bidder at auction.

    • Marti Pattinson

      You know we thought the same thing about “the mall” that was coming to Sugar Land in the late 70’s and 80’s”! Now look at what we have! Town Center is a reality… I agree the year should be in the article. Patience is a virtue that I wish I had more of and other peeps too! Remain optimistic!

      My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world. Jack Layton

      • It’s mid-August 2018, and ground still hasn’t broke.

        Love, hope, and optimism are all well and good, but then there’s reality.

        • Ho-Ho-Ho … Here it is December 2018, and still nothing!

          Is reality finally sinking in?

  2. Hopefully it’s delayed forever. Imagine if you lived in The Hill, a peaceful area with little traffic and then they built Town Center 2 right down the street.

    • Marti Pattinson

      And, what is happening to the home values in the Heights? In West University and Highland Village? Hide a watch – it will happen in The Hill also!

  3. I am guessing hey are waiting until after the local election in Sugar Land…. The City Council has put off the acceptance of the Draft Land Use Plan until after the local election as well, but they did take the time to strip from the draft plan the restrictions that it contained as to the number and type of apartments that can be built…………coincidence? or will Imperial be the first to announce the inclusion of a large number of apartments in their “new” development, under the new land use plan?

  4. As a resident in the Sugar Mill subdivision area, I have one question. When do we see ANY quality of life improvements with this development? So far, all we see is the population of our area exploding. Homes and apartments everywhere… but not one coffee shop, restaurant, retailer… anything. Beginning to feel like one big lie. Hope I’m wrong…. but I think these developers got what they want first… lots of home and apartment building… and we’re going to be left waiting in perpetuity for the great restaurants, retailers, etc. we were sold on.

Beth Marshall
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