As of Dec. 16, more than 89,000 Fort Bend County residents have tested positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

According to the COVID-19 data dashboard from Fort Bend County Health & Human Services, there were 966 new coronavirus cases in Fort Bend County from Dec. 7-Dec. 15. Week over week, that number is lower than the 1,277 new cases the county reported from Nov. 28-Dec. 6. During that week, Fort Bend County reported 615 new cases Nov. 29, the highest number of cases reported in a single day since Sept. 27, when the county reported over 900 new cases.

Only positive results using molecular tests count toward the county’s 89,225 total COVID-19 cases. An additional 15,299 Fort Bend County residents have tested positive using antigen tests and 4,821 with antibody tests, according to the county’s data.

The county estimates that 86,305 people have recovered from the coronavirus, as of Dec. 16. Estimated deaths, meanwhile, sit at 1,047.


There have been nearly 1.1 million total COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to Fort Bend County by all providers as of Dec. 16, according to the data dashboard.

Of that number, 465,213 residents are fully vaccinated; 107,808 residents have received an additional or booster dose; and 61,813 residents are partially vaccinated, having received a single dose of a two-series vaccine.

Approximately 79% of Fort Bend County residents age 12 and older have received at least one dose and 92% of those age 65 and older.