Fort Bend County Health & Human Services reported 824 newly processed coronavirus cases Aug. 11-13.

The county attributes the majority of these cases—650 or 78.5%—to a backlog caused by changing the tracking system used to report new cases. The remaining 174 cases are newly confirmed, according to the county.

  • Aug. 11: 314 total cases (49 new, 265 backlog)

  • Aug. 12: 152 total cases (35 new, 117 backlog)

  • Aug. 13: 358 total cases (90 new, 268 backlog)

Cases from the backlog began being reported Aug. 5. Since then, the county has reported a total of 2,978 coronavirus cases, with 1,756 from the backlog and 1,222 newly confirmed.

Fort Bend County has seen a total of 10,845 coronavirus cases since early March. To date, the county reported 4,894 people who tested positive for the virus have recovered, and 125 have died.

Between Aug. 11-13, FBCHHS reported the deaths of 12 Fort Bend County residents.

The number of confirmed and suspected coronavirus patients being treated in Fort Bend County hospitals ranged from 105-113 during this time frame, according to data from the Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Council. Of these, 25-37 patients were in the intensive care unit.

These hospitalization numbers are down from those reported in July, when on July 10 and July 21 there were 280 coronavirus patients hospitalized.

Coronavirus cases in Sugar Land and Missouri City

Taking into account the most recent data, 13.36 of every 1,000 Fort Bend County residents have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Additionally, both Sugar Land and Missouri City have more than 1,000 cases inside their city limits. Still, the majority of Fort Bend County cases have occurred in unincorporated areas.

The charts below show the total number of cases and the number of cases per 1,000 residents in Sugar Land and Missouri City by city and ZIP code. Note that city limits and ZIP code boundaries do not coincide.

Fort Bend County updates its coronavirus dashboard each day Monday-Saturday at 4 p.m. Data in this story reflects that reported as of 10:30 a.m. Aug. 14.