Over the weekend, the number of new cases of the coronavirus in Fort Bend County rose each day, according to data released by the county April 20.

Data released April 17 showed Fort Bend County had 695 cases of the virus. Three days later, Fort Bend County is reporting 799 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

The county also recently began releasing information on coronavirus patients’ race and ethnicity. Of the cases in Fort Bend County where race and ethnicity data was collected, 34% of people with the coronavirus are black (non-Hispanic), 23% are Hispanic, 20% are Asian (non-Hispanic) and 19% are white (non-Hispanic). Three percent of cases are classified as other. These percentages provided by Fort Bend County do not equal 100% because of rounding.

According to 2018 U.S. Census Bureau data, Fort Bend County as a whole is 32.3% white (non-Hispanic), 24.7% Hispanic, 20.6% Asian (non-Hispanic), and 20.4% black (non-Hispanic). These percentages do not equal 100% because they do not include the percentage of people who identify as two or more races or as races and ethnicities outside of the four above.

Missouri City continues to have the most cases of any jurisdiction in the county, with 129. Sugar Land follows, with 94 cases. Still, the majority of cases—436 of 799—are in unincorporated Fort Bend County.

The following ZIP codes are reporting the highest case counts in the Sugar Land-Missouri City area. ZIP codes do not align with city boundaries; as such, these case counts include cases in unincorporated Fort Bend County.

  • 77459: 109 cases

  • 77469: 78 cases

  • 77479: 71 cases

  • 77477: 69 cases

  • 77407: 67 cases

  • 77498: 66 cases

  • 77489: 66 cases

A total of 85 people are reported to have recovered from the disease, according to county data. Additionally, countywide, 62 people are currently hospitalized because of the coronavirus, and 18 have died from the virus.

Fort Bend County now has a program in place to coordinate donations of personal protective equipment, which helps stop the spread of the coronavirus, according to a press release. These items include N95-rated masks, face shields, disposable surgical masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, disposable gowns and generic medical supplies.

To donate, individuals or organizations should email [email protected] to coordinate drop-offs of the items which will be distributed to hospitals, health care facilities, first responders, public offices and some volunteer organizations.

To view this data on Fort Bend County’s website, visit https://covid-19-fort-bend-county-response-fbcgis.hub.arcgis.com.