In a Missouri City City Council meeting held July 3, City Council and the Missouri City Police Officers Association announced they reached a meet and confer agreement regarding an increase in police officer pay and representation.

The breakdown

The negotiated agreement, which will be effective from Aug. 1-Sept. 30, 2024, covers various critical topics, including hiring incentives and compensation rates.

Throughout the negotiation process, representatives from both parties engaged in six open sessions, which took place from April to June. However, both parties could not come to terms on a long-term agreement and settled on a 14-month plan rather than a three-year plan as anticipated.

“The city desired to have a longer-term agreement, but after several meetings, the police department and the city team were unable to agree upon compensation scales; therefore, they wanted to limit the agreement to a shorter time frame,” City Attorney E. Joyce Iyamu said at the July 3 meeting.

The new agreement restructures the pay plans for various types of officers in the Missouri City Police Department.

The agreement incrementally increases the pay for field training officers and certified multilingual officers, Iyamu said.

“It also adds a new fitness pay at $500 a year for officers who score 90 to 100 using the state's standard for fitness,” Iyamu said.

The age limit for hiring officers has also been extended by 10 years to 55. Iyamu said this aims to not only incentivize new hires, but also hire talent who are “a little older in age.”

The MCPOA determined at a June 21 negotiation meeting that it could not agree to any of the city's proposals to address compensation concerns, according to meeting documents. Despite this, both parties were able to agree on various items for an approximate 14-month agreement.

Get involved

Visit the Missouri City City Council’s website to view the full city documents outlining the new agreement with the police department as well as a full list of other City Council agenda meeting items and meeting videos.