Missouri City residents have until June 3 to apply for assistance through the Community Development Block Grant, administered through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funds are prioritized towards youth and adult education, child health and welfare, senior and adult services, disabled populations, and homelessness, based on the city’s 2019-23 Consolidated Plan.

“Missouri City relies on CDBG funding to provide essential assistance to low- to moderate-income residents and businesses,” Community Development Coordinator Ami Moore said. “Our citizens and nonprofits use the money to help improve the quality of life for local families and stakeholders. The city’s long-standing participation in the program has short- and long-term benefits that are key to maintaining our Platinum Scenic City status.”

Applications are open for five programs within the grant, and can be found on the city’s website. June 3 is the deadline to apply for the Post Secondary Educational and Vocational Scholarship Application, which assists residents in community college, university or vocational programs with qualified costs, as well as the Public Services program, which financially supports activities in the five identified priority areas.

The Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program for minor house repairs is also open for applications until June 3. This is the largest CDBG initiative with a three-year waitlist, something Moore said the city is working to address.

Applications for the Residential Paint Program, which funds homeowners’ exterior painting improvements, and the First Time Home Buyers Program that offers residents five-year forgivable loans for down payments and/or closing costs are both open until funds run out.

Moore said each program receives around ten applications per year, except for those in their first year, like the Residential Paint Program and First-Time Home Buyers Program. Qualified applicants can generally expect to receive aid, and unless there has been a recent emergency or disaster, program funds do not tend to run out quickly.

“As the program expands each year, the city values its ongoing impact in helping to cement the foundation for a brighter future in many of our communities, and staff will work to build on that success as we move forward,” Moore said.

Only residents within Missouri City limits who meet HUD income requirements and have an established need qualify to apply. Further requirements specific to individual programs are included on the applications, which can be found on the city’s website.