See how Fort Bend ISD was rated in the 2018-19 state accountability system

Fort Bend ISD has canceled all after-school activities for Sept. 19.

Fort Bend ISD has canceled all after-school activities for Sept. 19.

The Texas Education Agency released the 2018-19 accountability ratings for school districts across the state Aug. 15. Fort Bend ISD received a B for the 2018-19 school year, when the district’s student enrollment was 75,797.

Out of the 80 FBISD campuses that received ratings, 74 of the district’s 77 rated campuses received an A, B or C. Only three campuses received a D, and there were no F ratings.

Overall grades are calculated based on performance in three domains: Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing the Gaps, according to the TEA. Here is how the district ranked in each domain:

Student Achievement: B
This rating is based on how much students know and are able to do at the end of the school year. FBISD earned 89 of 100 possible points.

School Progress: B
This rating is based on how students perform over time, comparing their progress to similar schools. FBISD earned 89 of 100 possible points.

Closing the Gaps: B
This rating is based on the performance of different populations of students. FBISD earned 89 of 100 possible points.

“This year’s state accountability results demonstrate that our hard work is paying off,” FBISD Superintendent of Schools Charles Dupre said in a press release. “Over the last seven years, we have worked as a collective team—from the board room to the classroom—to develop and implement new systems and new curriculum that ensure all students have equitable access to a quality education. I am especially proud of our teachers. They are doing a phenomenal job in classrooms each day and truly making it happen.”

The new accountability system also assigns an overall letter grade to the district based on the performance of each campus. Fort Bend ISD was given a B rating because the district grade is capped at a B if any school receives an overall grade of D or F, even if the overall district score is an A, according to the district. For this reason, although FBISD achieved an overall score of 90, the reported score is capped at 89.

While 2019 is the first year of official A-F ratings, each campus received overall and domain scores in 2018 that could be interpreted as letter grades. In 2019, 10 FBISD campuses progressed from a D or F grade to a B or C.

Those include Lantern Lane Elementary, which earned a B in 2019 after receiving an F score in 2018.

Other schools also raised their scores:

• Glover Elementary and Hunters Glen Elementary progressed from an F score to a C.
• Mission Bend Elementary improved from a D score to a B.
• Marshall and Willowridge high schools both improved from a D score to a C.

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By Christine Hall
Christine Hall joined Community Impact Newspaper in October 2018, and covers Missouri City and Fort Bend ISD. She previously reported on health care innovation for the Texas Medical Center, was a freelancer, and held various news roles at the Houston Business Journal.