Sugar Land has best-tasting drinking water in U.S., American Water Works Association says


Sugar Land has the second-best-tasting water in North America, bested only by Canadian town The Blue Mountain, Ontario, according to the American Water Works Association.

During the July 2 City Council meeting, city staff in the public works department were recognized for this award that was originally bestowed to the city June 11. Sugar Land qualified by being selected as having the best-tasting water in Texas by the AWWA on April 4.

Sugar Land competed against 28 other water samples from across the country that won their state contests, according to city documents.

The sample submitted by the city was taken from a site in the center of the city’s service area from the Brazos River via Oyster Creek. It was representative of the water being delivered to all citizens, according to city documents.

The water sample from The Blue Mountain was clearer with less particulate matter than Sugar Land’s. Since a Canadian city won first place, Sugar Land has the best drinking water in the U.S., according to the AWWA’s findings.

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  1. I think this vote is complete BS. Are water here in sugar land at 59 and 99 has so much sediment in it that if you do not use a filter you’ll get gunk in your water.

  2. What a load of horse hockey. The water in my home north of 59 in Sugar Land is always cloudy and tastes so strongly of chlorine that it is almost undrinkable. On top of that, I have to soak my shower nozzles in vinegar every 3 months to get the hard water deposits off of them. The water may be great in the new, high status neighborhoods around the city center, but out north, it’s horrible.

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