UPDATE: Missouri City City Council postpones rezoning vote for new child care site


Updated 1:33 p.m., Dec. 5: A land use workshop for residents to learn more about the project is scheduled for Dec. 10 at City Hall, 1522 Texas Parkway. Residents can RSVP for the event, get more details or submit questions ahead to planning@missouricitytx.gov or 281-403-8541. A conceptual site plan, building elevations and the draft ordinance are available for review at City Hall Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Missouri City City Council voted Dec. 3 to postpone the rezoning of a residential tract of land near Olympia Estates in order for property owners and residents to come to an agreement on land use.

Last night’s meeting was the first of two readings for the 5.19-acre tract of land up for consideration to be rezoned as a PD Planned Development District to allow for the development of a child care facility, educational and professional office, and neighborhood and specialized retail uses.

The site, at the corner of Truesdale Drive and Vicksburg Boulevard, was originally zoned as a single-family residential district. The land-use plan now includes the development of Greenfield Village, which would include three buildings: A cafe and multipurpose room, a tutorial center and a child care facility, according to documents presented to council.

Residents, both in support and protest of the proposed use, presented their cases at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Oct. 10, followed by city council meetings on Nov. 17 and Dec. 3. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted on Oct. 10 to move forward the rezoning to city council.

Many expressed concerns with creating a commercial area within a residential neighborhood that was not along a major thoroughfare, saying it would cause additional traffic problems and could become a blight if not maintained. Those in support of the project said having a business like a daycare would be positive for families living nearby, put the land to use other than as a vacant lot and could help future home sales.

This particular property has sat empty for years, according to residents. The land was annexed by the city in 1983 and zoned a single-family residential district in 2001, according to the Planning and Zoning Commission staff report. Josefina Serrano and Ivy Kenneth Joy Miraflor purchased the property in April 2018.

District B Council Member Jeffrey L. Boney, whose district is involved, said during the meeting that three residents on Pritchard Court—which backs up to the vacant lot—initially were against the project, but told him they were now in support after hearing more information.

“This tells me some more dialogue needs to happen,” he said. “We need to be fair to everyone by sitting down and talking about it before the second reading.”

Boney proposed holding a land use workshop for the property owners and residents to come to an agreement about the land use.

Also at the meeting, Mayor Allen Owen asked Public Works Director Shashi Kumar to look into doing a traffic analysis along Vicksburg Boulevard and the possibility of adding stop signs in order to slow traffic down.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for Dec. 17, which is expected to be the second reading for the proposed rezoning.

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  1. I was asked by these same two girls about the project and was trying to pressure into signing and keep on and keep on and I keep on saying no. They told the two people that signed the paper and I was the last one they talk to. So I hope you have in that number of three that sign because that a lie. Unhonest people don’t get far and deception is something else.we have become a people in this country that use trickery to get what we want and don’t care who we hurt. People now days pay off people to get what they want in life and is the norm.

    • Carissa Serrano

      I’m sorry that you feel that way sirr, but with all due respect, those signatures of withdrawal are legal documents. They could not be lied about, they even have to be submitted through a lawyer and examined by the council members to ensure its validity. Otherwise that would be forgery. Trickery is misinforming your fellow neighbors about the land development to push your own agenda. Those residents that withdrew their letter of protest said that they were being told a huge corporate business such as a strip mall, or high building would be built there that’s why they initially protested. The owners of that property have just as much of a right to that land as you do to yours, they have compromised over and over to please you and your fellow neighbors. Maybe it’s time you do the same.

      Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance. Please be careful of your accusations.

        • A multi-purpose room is just as it states ma’am. It can be used for meetings, parties, events, etc. It is not a “business”, it’s a room made available for the use of the community.

      • That's not true because your little lady talk to me but am going leave to a higher power. Be careful how you talk to me you don't know me.

        Be careful how you talk to people that you don’t know Carissa. The FBI just indicted 20 + people for trickery. But I will be praying for you.

        • Ironic that you ask me to speak carefully as you recklessly continue to accuse me of trickery. Practice what you preach sir. I’m not at all afraid of those threats because like I’ve said, everything is documented and legally approved. In case you didn’t catch it in all the past council meetings, this is a PD (planned development) which means the owner cannot put anything else on the land unless approved by the city. They literally can’t lie about what’s being put on there. Every change, every plan, has to be approved. Please don’t be so quick to talk down on others then demand respect. I’m sure you’re very familiar with “love thy neighbor as yourself”. Listen to the plans with an open-mind, because something is gonna go up on that land at some point, wether it’s a gas station, apartment complex, or more. If it was meant to be a residential land there would have been homes built there years ago. Or if you and your neighbors really want to keep it empty, then you guys should buy the land and pay the taxes that come with it…then you can do what you please with it! I was commenting to inform you, nothing more. God bless!

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