SLFD improves response times with new ambulance transport system

The Sugar Land Fire Department’s new ambulance transport service improved its response times to an average of six minutes per call, according to a recent city report.

The new transport service launched Jan. 1 and includes five ambulances, which have helped the city reduce its emergency response times below eight minutes.

Sugar Land Fire Chief Juan Adame said the improved response times have had a significant effect on public safety in the city.

“This new service literally means the difference between life and death, as seconds often make a significant difference in public safety response,” he said. “You just can’t place a value on the impact of our ambulance service to ensure we remain one of the country’s safest cities.”

Ambulance services have continued to improve throughout the year, Adame said. SLFD received approval in August to distribute controlled pain medications on its ambulances. SLFD officials worked with the Drug Enforcement Agency and Texas Health Services to ensure the proper licenses and certifications were achieved before rolling out the medication system.

SLFD is continuing to work with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to bill patents under the federal medical programs. A moratorium on the issuance of insurance billing numbers has prevented the city from billing Medicare and Medicaid patients, according to city documents.