al-green Al Green[/caption]

Republican candidate Jeff Martin has neither spent nor received donations for his campaign against incumbent Al Green, D-Houston, for the U.S. Representative District 9 race so far this election season, according to the latest round of campaign finance reports due to election officials Oct. 15.

Every opposed candidate in the Nov. 8 election must file a contributions and expenditures report 30 days before the election. This latest round of reports, the first mandated disclosure since this summer, covers all financials from July 1 to Sept. 29, according to the Texas Ethics Commission.

In that time, Green has received $41,065 in contributions and spent $83,891 on his campaign. The ninth Congressional district includes parts of Harris and Fort Bend counties, Houston, Missouri City and Stafford.

jeff-martin Jeff Martin[/caption]

In District 9, individuals’ donations are not allowed to exceed $2,700 per election. Primaries, runoff and general elections are counted separately. Here are the top individual financial supporters for Green since the beginning of his campaign:

  1. Li Sha - $2,750

  2. Carolyn Yazdani-Beioku - $2,750

  3. Bob S. Yazdani-Beioky - $2,750

  4. Jonathan K. Yazdani-Beioky - $2,750

  5. Min Zheng - $2,750

  6. ChaseSource LP - $2,700

  7. Tony Chase - $2,700

  8. Anthony W. Hall Jr. - $2,700

  9. Stephen H. Le - $2,700

  10. William J. Miller - $2,700

The next campaign finance report deadline is Oct. 31, or eight days before the election.