The coffee scene in Sugar Land continues to grow with the opening of Rang Coffee & More.

The Vietnamese coffee shop offers hot and cold espresso-based drinks, teas, smoothies and bakery goods, according to its menu online.

The shop also offers Vietnamese speciality drinks, such as:
  • Rang cafe den da, which is four shots of espresso with simple syrup
  • Rang cafe sua da, which is two shots of espresso with condensed milk
  • Rang secret B52, which is two shots of espresso with chocolate milk and chocolate cold foam
What they’re saying

Coffee shop officials said "rang" means roast in Vietnamese, and they want customers to associate the crackling sound of roasting coffee beans with the coffee that is served.

“Our primary emphasis is on the quality of each sip in every cup,” coffee shop officials said. “When customers hear the crackling sounds, they know that a good cup of coffee is coming, bringing more feelings of joy on their days.”