A beloved Houston family business has now expanded to Missouri City.

The background

Denise and John Tankersley opened SnoDreamz 14 years ago, following the influx of New Orleans residents moving to Houston after Hurricane Katrina, current owners Crystal Tankersley Ikeakor and Andy Ikeakor said.

“Inspired by my mom’s New Orleans roots and the influx of people migrating to Houston, they saw an opportunity to bring a taste of New Orleans to our community through our snocone business,” daughter Tankersley Ikeakor said in an email. “Since then, we’ve been dedicated to serving up delicious flavors and creating memorable experiences for our customers.”

On the menu

The snow cone menu features both standard favorites and specialty flavor combinations, with options for additional toppings including chopped pickles, Kool-Aid or sweetened condensed milk.

The restaurant primarily offers snow cones, but the owners have found new ways to offer both sweet and savory options, including specialty funnel cakes, wings, street tacos and fried sweets to combat the always-changing Texas weather, Tankersley Ikeakor said.

What else?

Other locations include 11320 Fondren Road and 3402 Scott St., Ste. 100A, in Houston, Tankersley Ikeakor said.