Port Freeport officials finalized a lease agreement with Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., an international company specializing in fruit and vegetable production, distribution and marketing.

This deal will bring more job opportunities as well as add to the development and infrastructure growth for Port Freeport’s future, according to a news release.

The details

Del Monte's U.S. Gulf operation will relocate to Port Freeport in 2024, following significant modifications to the Velasco Container Terminal located at 801 Port Road, Freeport, according to a news release. This move positions Port Freeport as the sole U.S. port hosting all three major multinational green fruit importers.

Del Monte, which operates in over 80 countries, will also bring its ocean logistics arm Network Shipping into the partnership.

Fort Bend County and the Greater Houston area will import bananas, pineapples and plantains weekly through Del Monte shipments, according to the release.

Zooming out

Port Freeport ranks nationally in various export categories and plays a vital role in the economy, according to a 2022 Economic Impact Study by Texas A&M Transportation. The port serves several industries and clients, including Chiquita Fresh N.A., Dole Fresh Fruit, ExxonMobil and more.