Sugar Land Power Sports was created out of family passion and community connections. Owner Mike Stubbs initially needed a place to repair his son Jason’s motocross race bikes.

Mike applied his experience working at Lexus dealerships and general auto mechanic knowledge toward Jason’s repairs. Jason now works alongside his dad and Lily, a harlequin Great Dane, to repair the Sugar Land community’s motorcycles.

Mike opened Sugar Land Power Sports in early 2019 off Hwy. 6 behind Auto Solutions, another locally owned shop specializing in car repair. He attributes much of the shop opening due to the giving nature of his late friend, David Hillman.

After Hillman shut down his Kawasaki dealership, local racers were looking for someone capable of high-quality repairs. Mike would often be asked at the local raceways if he had a shop due to his prior experience working on cars.

At first, Mike and Jason needed a place to repair their personal bikes and did not initially anticipate opening a commercial repair shop open to the public. However, with Hillman’s help, things changed.

“Then Dave showed up with a big trailer. A lot of this stuff came out of his dealership,” Mike said. “So he dropped that off and said, ‘Now you open the shop,’ and that’s how I got this started. He was the type of guy who would give you this shirt off his back.”

Sugar Land Power Sports offers repair and renovation services for almost all motorcycles ranging from older cruisers and cafe racers to newer sports bikes as well as mixed-use adventure-touring bikes and even some all-terrain vehicles.

Mike said one repair holds a heavy place in his memory. One day the business received a call from a son whose father died due to COVID-19. The son wanted to recover and repair his dad’s rare Harley Davidson Springer Softail to use in his father’s funeral procession. Sugar Land Power Sports were the ideal team for the project, Mike said.

“We got ... the bike back here at the shop to see if we could salvage anything. We thought it went from a $1,500 or $2,000 bike to a $10,000 bike,” he said. “So we all pitched in as a team, redid the transmission and did a lot of major work. It turned out looking just beautiful.”

This repair was another reminder that certain motorcycles are not just vehicles; they are memories encapsulated that reflect someone’s personality and life experiences, Mike and his team at Sugar Land Power Sports said. Mike and his team attribute much of their success to valuing trust and consistency with its customers.

“One of the main mantras I learned is you treat every guest as a customer in your own home. And [when] you think about it, why wouldn’t you? When offering a service, you depend on that customer to pay your bills,” Mike said. “In the walk of life, we all need help. ... Everybody needs help.”

Family-owned Sugar Land Power Sports offers a variety of services for motorcycles.
  • Oil and filter
  • Tire installation/balancing
  • Batteries and electrical
  • Fuel system and tuneup
  • Exhaust system upgrades
  • Suspension system
Sugar Land Power Sports

9908 S. Hwy. 6, Ste. B, Sugar Land


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.