Mother, son and daughter trio Shiela, Visak and Vismita Varghese own and run Bollycurves, a Missouri City studio offering Bollywood dance and yoga therapy classes with a focus on vulnerability and injury healing.

After Shiela had a neck injury in 2008, she struggled to find workout classes that worked with her injuries. Vismita used her fitness and dance background to do home workouts, which grew to community classes in parks and churches and finally a physical studio in November 2019.

“There was a lot of support from the community to start a physical studio since working out outside is tiring because of how hot it gets,” Visak said.

The studio offers two children’s classes and three adult classes, capped at 10 participants for adults and 15 for children, allowing for a more interactive class where participants can give feedback and instructors can offer personalized attention.

Visak noted Shiela’s medical background draws many clients with injuries who benefit from her yoga therapy classes. Shiela is a nurse practitioner and certified yoga instructor who has worked with a pain clinic and a family practice.

“That gives me a lot of experience and expertise to understand my clients. I’m able to give them a very individualized, very personalized experience,” Shiela said.

Vismita has danced for 18 years and teaches dance and cardio classes.

“With little kids, our biggest focus is to bridge American and Indian culture,” she said. “A lot of times growing up, you have to identify with either American or whatever your culture is.”

The Vargheses aim to foster a culture of vulnerability, drawing from the experience of their father leaving the family a few months after the studio opened. In Indian culture, there is a stigma around divorce, but the Vargheses decided to change that. Being transparent helped them connect with the community.

“We decided to talk about it rather than hide it,” Vismita said. “Since people saw that, they feel more comfortable talking about their problems, too.”

Choosing Missouri City for their studio was a no-brainer for the family because Visak and Vismita grew up in Missouri City and graduated from Ridge Point High School.

“This is our city. This is the city that always supported us, especially when we started pop-up classes,” Vismita said. “Why wouldn’t we start it here?”

Bollycurves offers a variety of classes for adults and children.

Children’s classes (age 2+):

Bharatanatyam: Children age 3 and older can learn Bharatanatyam, a classical dance from South India. The class teaches hand movements and footwork.

Bollywood dance: Children age 2 and older can learn the foundations of Bollywood dance. The class consists of learning hand movements, footwork and other dance styles.

Adult classes:

Yoga therapy: Yoga therapy is a session focusing on loosening muscles and alleviating pain.

Bollywood dance: The class is for those looking to improve their dance abilities.

Bollywood cardio and strength: The class is a cardio workout with a focus on on agility, strength and cardio using dance, resistance bands and weights. Bollycurves

3334 FM 1092, Ste. 405, Missouri City


Hours: Mon.-Sun. 6 a.m.-10 p.m., class times vary