Pacific Dental, Starbucks and Supercuts will be the first tenants in Riverstone Place at the corner of University Boulevard and LJ Parkway in Sugar Land.

Pacific Dental leased 3,200 square feet for new dental offices; Starbucks leased 2,350 square feet for its coffee shop, and Supercuts leased 1,125 square feet for a hair-cutting salon, according to Bob Sellingsloh, president of Wulfe & Co.

Supercuts is expected to open within the next month, with the other two coming later in the year.

Kristen Barker, senior vice president of Wulfe & Co., represented the developer. Pacific Dental was represented by Karla Smith of CBRE. Starbucks was represented by Lasater Miller with the Retail Connection. Supercuts was represented by Jack Burgher of Streetwise Retail Advisors.

A development of Wulfe & Co., the 28,000-square-foot shopping center was designed by The Boucher Design Group and built by Arch-Con Construction. Development on the center began in April 2018 and will be completed in 2019.