Texas Doggie Daycare promotes play in open space at Missouri City location


Before opening Texas Doggie Daycare in Missouri City in October 2017, owner Greg Boerner ran a software company for restaurants and retail stores.

Being a dog whisperer, Greg finds training dogs to be like second nature, according to his wife and Texas Doggie Daycare co-owner Patti.

“I sold the [software]company, and I didn’t want to get back into that business again,” Greg said. “I raised dogs all my life, and they’ve been easy to train.”

The boutique-style dog daycare center can hold about 20 dogs maximum, Greg said. The open facility does not have cages and is equipped with a play area and washing station outside.

“A lot of people bring their younger dogs here, the ones that are between four [months old]and a year old because they’re all full of energy and because they can actually run outside,” he said.

Dogs must pass a temperament test before staying at Texas Doggie Daycare since the animals—both large and small—are all together, Greg said. It takes about an hour at most to determine whether a dog will be a good fit, he said.

“We just had a dog that was here for about two weeks, and it was really nervous when it got here,” he said. “It wasn’t mean or anything, but after staying here for a while a lot of dogs are turnaround dogs. They’re in this environment, and after a while they blend in, and they’re a lot more calm.”

Greg said he aims to keep prices for services affordable year-round, and frequent visitors receive better rates. One day of daycare costs $24; two days costs $20 per day; and three days or more costs $17 per day.

“The more you stay, the less you pay,” Greg said. “It gets cheaper the more you come. Same thing with boarding.”

Boarding costs range from $36 for one day to $30 per day for a stay of 11 or more days. A 15 percent discount for multiple dogs is also available for daycare and boarding services. Bath costs range from $10 to $40 depending on the dog’s size.

Greg also works to make sure the space stays clean and said he uses hospital-grade sanitizers and disinfectants. As canine flu season is in effect, Greg encourages pet owners to get their dogs vaccinated and keep them at home if they are sick.

“We’re pretty careful about the dogs not being sick and their shots being up to date,” he said. “We’re pretty strict now about dogs having flu shots.”

Greg said he is enjoying the career shift, noting that working with dogs is less stressful.

“It’s going really well right now,” he said. “We’re happy with everything, and we’ve been busy.”

Texas Doggie Daycare

1100 FM 1092, Ste. E, Missouri City
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Sun. 2-5 p.m. (pickup and drop-off only)

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