When Bren Morgan, owner of Paint Party Place in Missouri City, began taking art classes in college, she found the techniques being taught were things she had been doing ever since she began painting when she was young.

“I’ve always been an artist,” she said. “I just never knew the technical names for what I was doing.”

Morgan opened Paint Party Place in Missouri City’s Township Square in 2013, and for the past four years has been teaching people of all ages to paint in a fun atmosphere. Morgan said she likes to play music during the painting parties, and each of the three painting studios are set up with black lights that—when turned on—cause some paints to glow in the dark.

Some of the most popular reasons guests attend her classes is as a girls’ night out, a couple’s date night, and even to hold bachelorette parties, she said. Clients can reserve an entire room for a private party. She said some people who throw parties at Paint Party Place will even hire their own performers. Some clients will hire a bartender to serve drinks, and some will hire a DJ to play music. The business has a BYOB license, and patrons can bring their own drinks. Morgan has a fridge on hand for that purpose.

“It’s all about the party,” she said.

People can register in groups or individually.  Reservations can be made over the phone or online. The painting parties usually last two to three hours, Morgan said.

However, Morgan will guide the class with instructions and tips on basic techniques like the best way to hold a brush, she said. Her employees are full-time art teachers and have degrees in art, she said.

Most guests who attend party classes at Paint Party Place have never painted a project in their lives, she said. People are often shocked at how well their work turns out.

“People are totally surprised by what they paint,” Morgan said. “They take pictures with their phones and post it on Facebook. When people leave, they already have a place in their house picked out where they’ll hang it.”

Paint Party Place

3434 FM 1092, St. 310, Missouri City
Hours: Painting parties are held daily; see website for times and openings