On Sept. 27, Sugar Land Cultural Arts will host the unveiling of the "Around the Clock" sculpture at Fire Station No. 3, created by artist Peter Requiam.

Zooming in

The unveiling ceremony to celebrate unity between Sugar Land's first responders and the community they serve will take place at 4 p.m.

The sculpture is decorated red, white, black and gold—colors representing the Sugar Land Fire and EMS departments.

Its centerpiece displays a bold, red No. 3 against a gold backdrop. It’s surrounded by 12 stylized homes connected to the center by ladders and fire poles to emphasize the Sugar Land fire and EMS departments’ constant vigilance over the city's residents.

Quote of note

“At the heart of every community, there stands a beacon of protection and support—our local fire station,” Requiam said in an Aug. 23 statement. “With 'Around The Clock,' we aim to capture the essence of this connection, showcasing the integral role Fire Station [No.] 3 plays in the lives of the residents it serves.”