Statues honoring service dogs unveiled at Cy-Champ Park


Two bronze dogs now stand sentry in Cy-Champ Park near the Fallen Soldiers Memorial.

The statues feature two military service dogs from Texas, but they are meant to honor all the K-9s who serve.

Bretagne was a golden retriever and a Cypress native. She was the last living search and rescue canine during 9/11 before she died in 2016.

Eli is a black Labrador and a military working dog. His owner, Pfc. Colton Rusk, died in Afghanistan. Eli currently lives in Orange Grove, Texas, with Rusk’s parents, but attended the dedication ceremony for his statue last week.

The stone wall behind the statues tell the stories of both dogs and pays homage to military and civilian service dogs. Bretagne’s statue is decorated with beams representing debris from the 9/11 attack.

Both the Service Dog Memorial and Fallen Soldiers Memorial were built by Cy-Champ Public Utility District and the National Memorial Ladies, a volunteer service at the Houston National Cemetery.

The park is located at 14619 Cutten Road, Houston.

From ABC13 Houston

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