A nonprofit group of singers age 55 and older, the Solid Rockers Senior Choir, regularly performs at Spring-area hospitals, nursing homes and churches, hoping to make their audiences smile, Director Michael Kay said.

The choir, which has about 85 members, was founded in March 2017 and has been under the direction of Kay for the last two years.

“Many times ... when you get [to] this age, you kind of fall to the side and don’t have a place to share your talents,” Kay said. “I think this gives [members] an opportunity to keep active.”

Even though the average member’s age reaches into the mid-70s, the Solid Rockers are not lacking in talent, Kay said.

“You always think of older people, when they start singing, their voices ... get old and shaky and wobbly, and this group is not like that,” Kay said.

The choir consists of a variety of vocal types, and several members also play instruments.

Throughout the year, the choir performs seasonal concerts, and during the winter holidays, the group dresses up to sing carols at senior living facilities.

“[Solid Rockers] lets the older seniors know they can still be involved in something that they probably miss doing because choirs now are not meeting as much,” Vice President Karla Koop said.

The Solid Rockers rehearse Thursday mornings at Champion Forest Baptist Church. While the Solid Rockers are generally looking for members who are above age 55, the organization is not picky about who can become a member, Community Outreach Liaison Sharon Jennings said.

“You don’t have to be a member of our church,” Jennings said. “We’ve got people in the choir that are Presbyterians, Methodists; it doesn’t matter to us as long as you like to sing.”

Kay said the choir is important for both its members and the community, noting his favorite part is seeing the audience light up during performances.

“I think it kind of lifts [the audience’s] hearts to see seniors participating and leading in a way like that and giving back to the community,” Kay said.

Solid Rockers Senior Choir

Champion Forest Baptist Church, 15555 Stuebner Airline Road, Houston



Rehearsals: 10-11:15 a.m. on Thursdays