Dotson Healthcare Institute, a locally owned nonprofit, will soon begin offering medical courses at 14300 Cornerstone Village Drive, Ste. 226, Houston. Owner Nicole Dotson said the facility will hold its first accelerated phlebotomy course May 17.

The 20-hour course is for individuals who already have experience in the medical field who want to enhance their skills or learn a new skill in a five-day or two-day session, she said. Students still must take their National Healthcareer Association exam before receiving the certification.

Dotson said the business also hopes to receive approval and licensing in July from the Texas Workforce Commission to begin offering a six-week phlebotomy course and a four-week certified nursing assistant course.

"There's a shortage of qualified certified nursing assistants; there's a shortage of qualified phlebotomists," she said. "With the pandemic, of course, that increases the morbidity of people. So when you increase the morbidity, you have more people that need health care, and then you need more trained and qualified people to be able to help those in need."

Unlike the accelerated course, the new programs will offer training for individuals with no experience in the medical field who want to gain the foundation to enter the industry, Dotson said. 832-286-4271.